Research Based Innovative Projects

Innovation refers to creating more effective processes, products, and ideas. For a business or organization, it could mean implementing new ideas, improving services or creating dynamic products. It can act as a catalyst that can make your business or organization grows and can help you adapt in the marketplace and clients or beneficiaries.

Nowadays, innovation is gaining in importance in the public sector as well, as it can improve the quality of service delivery as well as reduce costs. Collaboration between public and private entities creates better and more effective public and private services and products.

This public private partnership was very well adapted by Embedded Creation. Embedded Creation, Nagpur, identified the areas where innovative concepts can be introduced to improve public contact and establish better coordination between government institutions / departments and public at large.

Our proposals were whole heartedly excepted on merit basis and Many IAS officers implemented the innovative and creative concepts with vital technical inputs and suggestions from administrative side.


1.Successfully tabled report on Jal Yukta Shivar Yojana in front of Irrigation Minister Shri. Ram Shinde in a divisional conference in presence of 6 district collectors and divisional commissioner.
2.Presented innovative Solar operated Mosquito Repellent System (CMRB) to district collector of Bhandara.
3.Carried out drone survey for environmental analysis for soil / sand erosion in river beds.
4.Have developed many innovative tools / products for ophthalmologists, gynecologists, dentists and pharmacists.