Some Successful Projects

Chandan Mandal

Chandan Mandal

Pratik Joshi

Pratik Joshi

Deni Bobade

Deni Bobade

Surveillance Tools

Unmanned aircraft systems provide the ideal solution to the problems and limitations faced by other surveillance methods. Drone surveillance presents an easier, faster, and cheaper method of data collection, and a number of other key advantages.

Drones can be equipped with various types of surveillance equipment that can collect high definition video and still images day and night. Drones can be equipped with technology allowing them to determine GPS locations, and gather license plate information.

Drones also have had an enormous effect in the field of 3D geographic mapping. There are regions on the earth that are not easily accessible to humans. This might include some dangerous coastlines or unattainable mountain tops. But for the purpose of studying the terrain and preparing 3D maps, drones have been put to use.

Embedded Creation, have successfully provided drone services to government agencies in 2015 – 2018.

The drone service was also provided for Mob Management during winter session of Maharashtra assembly in 2016.

The important environmental concerns like water conservations, soil erosion, geo tagging etc were addressed and relevant useful data was collected which proved to be very beneficial for impact analysis of various utility project.


1. The pre monsoon and post monsoon shoots of Jalyukta Yojana were appreciated by CM as well as PMO office.
2.City Police appreciated the MOB Management project equipped with drone and helmet cameras which was carried out during winter session of Maharashtra Assembly.
3. Hon. Commissioner of Police presented appreciation letter for the technical support extended by Embedded Creation through successful implementation of Mob Analysis and Surveillance System (MASS).

Anti Collision System

Tippler is used for emptying the loaded wagons by tipping it. Tippler retains wagon from top as well as from side by using clamping devices provided on it. Apart from that track stops, wheel grippers and different type of limit switches are provided as features of wagon tippler.

Tippler is driven by either Hydraulic drive or by electro-mechanical drive OR Hydro Mechanical Drive .

The tippled coal is collected in pulverize unit. Before feeding to pulverizer unit, the tippled coal is crushed into a smaller pieces using a big robotic jaw. This coal cutter was developed by Technura Engg pvt ltd. The coal crusher control and its guided movement in dusty and low visibility section of wagon tippling was controlled using anti collision system, which was developed and implemented by Embedded Creation.


1. Embedded Creation successfully implemented the system using best grade PLC’s.
2.The customized electro mechanical sensors for anti collision system were designed by Embedded Creation.

Developed 9 projects for MOIL

MOIL is a Schedule “A” Miniratna Category-I Company. It was originally incorporated as Manganese Ore (India) Limited in the year 1962. Subsequently, name of the Company was changed from Manganese Ore (India) Limited to MOIL Limited during the financial year 2010-11.

MOIL produces and sells different grades of Manganese Ore. They are:-

  • High Grade Ores for production of Ferro manganese.
  • Medium grade ore for production of Silico manganese.
  • Blast furnace grade ore required for production of hot metal and
  • Dioxide for dry battery cells and chemical industries.

MOIL has a training department in Nagpur with a state of art training gallery. Many mecatronics models are on display in this gallery for training and learning purpose. Visitors can learn complete ore treatment process with the help of electro – mechanical models.

Embedded Creation, hot the opportunity to develop various training models and we are proud to have implemented them successfully under the guidance and technical support of DGM Shri Kishor Magre.


1. We have developed a complete 7 floored mecatronics model of underground manganese mine. The model was presented to Hon. Shri Nitin Gadkari and
Hon. Shri Narendra Singh Tomar Both Member of Parliament, Government of India.
2. The team of Embedded Creation got a chance to explore the underground mine and experience the complete process of ore extraction on site.