Design and Development of Innovative Cervical Cancer Screening Device - SinDiColpo

Considering all practical limitations in mass screening of women for early detection of cervical cancer Dr Anupama Bhute - Anand has invented SinDiColpo. A Handheld, Non-invasive, low-cost device with a portable darkroom and inbuilt LED light source.

It is designed to capture 4 images with 4 different illumination angles generating a high-definition image of the cervix using glare subtraction method.

It’s password protected patient management software, is capable of providing AI-based provisional diagnosis.

SinDiColpo A revolutionary device in detection of Cervical Cancer.

Eminent personalities graced the launch program.

1. Shri. Sagar Meghe Trustee, DMIMS (DU)
2. Dr. Vedprakash Mishra - Pro Chancellor, DMIMS (DU)
3. Dr. Bhimraya Metri - Director, IIM Nagpur 4. Dr. Satish Deopujari - A Renowned Pediatrician 5. Dr Sindhu Bhute - A Renowned Gynecologist 6. Dr. Alka Mukharjee 7. Mrs Radha Sahu