Institutional Quarantine Center – Data Management System for Divisional Commissioner Office, Nagpur.

Quarantine refers to the restriction of movement or separation of well persons who have been exposed to a contagious disease, before it is known whether they will become ill. Quarantine usually takes place in the home and may be applied at the individual level or to a group or community of exposed persons.

Quarantine is used in conjunction with other interventions, including—

  • Disease surveillance and monitoring for symptoms in persons quarantined.
  • Rapid diagnosis and timely referral to care for those who become ill.
  • The provision of preventive interventions, including vaccination or prophylactic antibiotics.

All data generated through the operative procedures of Institutional Quarantine centers is of great importance in controlling the spread of disease.

When Nationwide lockdown was declared in second half of March 2020, and cases started increasing in large numbers, an immediate data warehousing tool for data management, reporting and analysis was an immediate need. Embedded Creation was given the responsibility of developing the tool for Divisional Commissioner Office, Nagpur. Our committed team of developers made the system rolling in a week’s time under guidance of multiple agencies including Divisional Commissioner Office, District Collector Office, SDO, Tahsildar, In charge of every Institutional Quarantine Center and inputs from testing labs.


1. Our entire team learned the importance of prompt and immediate action with proper planning in shortest possible time frame.
2. Every time it is not possible to go by academic procedure, but in case of disaster management, programmers need to be very flexible to accommodate all variations and changes in guidelines of data management on daily basis.
3. Our young team took it as a challenge and national duty at the same time an opportunity to test and implement the acquired knowledge for the betterment of community in fight against global pandemic – Covid-19.