Asia & India Book of Records for Mahahandloom

Based on the outcome of sales patterns, customer feedback, and digital interaction patterns on various social media we @ Embedded Creations designed and developed a public participative campaign for creating awareness of the heritage art of handloom and its importance in the rich textile culture of India.

The project was a grand success where 1426 participants collectively contributed to weaving a pure cotton multicolored fabric that made an international record with the ASIA and INDIA Book of Records. The campaign which started with a target of 75 feet, reached a 98 feet mark due to overwhelming response from proud Indian citizens from all walks of life and all age groups from 14 to 80.


1. A total of 1426 people contributed to weaving 98 feet of fabric.
2. Mahahandloom, the brand owned by the govt. of Maharashtra undertaking registered the ASIA Book of Records and INDIA Book of Records for this campaign titled “Fabric of Unity”.
3. Hon. MP Shri Nitin Ji Gadkari – Union Minister appreciated the event and endorsed the campaign by wearing the jacket made with “Fabric of Unity”.
4. Hon. Dy. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadanvis shared a motivating comment in support of the record and endorsed the campaign by wearing the jacket made with “Fabric of Unity”.
5. The Unique Idea and successful execution by the team of Embedded Creation was appreciated by issuing the certificate in the name of Shri Manish Karandikar.